Our Modular system utilizes interlocking molds from different customers into a customized mold base. This allows shared press time creating significant cost and lead time reductions to our customers in both tooling and part cost. In this example there are seven molds interlocked to produce sixteen parts for seven different companies.




As injection molding techniques have matured, so have the innovations in molding methods to offer customers a variety of selections. Many years ago we saw a way to improve on the traditional process of injection molding. We call our system "MODULAR" for its flexibility in design changes and ability to quickly begin production should our customers require it. The "shared press time" system is one of the best innovations to become available. With the marketplace demanding price holds for the life cycle of molded products it is a concept all O.E.M. customers will need, creating a price and delivery advantage, to keep your customers happy.


Mold multiple customers simultaneously (shared press time)
Shared cost of machine operation
Low original tool cost
Short lead time - tool and parts
Automotive quality
Uses only hardened tool steel
All molds warranted for 1,000,000 cycles


HMMI has been making micro size parts in our Modular Molding Process for over 30 years.



Modular Materials

BASF Ultramid 1503-2 (Dry)
Celcon M270
Celanex 3316
Hostaform C 9021
Dupont Zytel 103 FHS
TDS Delrin 900P BK602 E94865
TDS Delrin 900P NC010 E37002
TDS Hostaform S 27072 WS 10 1570 E83570
TDS Zytel 70G33HS1L BK031 E23549
Ticona Celcon M-90
Ascend Performance Vydyne 21SPF
Ultramid A 3W BK00464